In my opinion, my product is an affordable dish an quick to prepare, above all very nutritious, delicious and filing. Knowing that my product is consumed almost worldwide  with variation of course, and so long as it is affordable, consumers will add it to their menu often.
Wheat prices are on the rise already because of high demand only, but if producing countries have a bad year because of bad weather, prices will go higher and effect consumers on my product.
The other aspect is animal feed will be affect too, and so meat becomes expensive as well.
I think my product will remain a dish cooked in many kitchens worldwide in the foreseeable future.

Pros and Cons


My product depends on the weather for the wheat harvest and the other ingredients that goes with it. Producing country benefit on volume harvested to be sold to countries in need and consumers get a supply at a cheaper price.wheat these days is produced on a industrial scale and does not require mass labour as everything is mechanized.


If the weather is bad on the other hand the harvest is poor, the wheat prices will be effected as well as the ingredients because animal feed will be scarce. the producing countries will get a bad return and in this case the consumer will pay the price.


I chose Spaghetti Bolognese as my topic because it is a cool and satisfiying dish and i personally like it. My product will remain in existance for years to come. If consumers continue eating my product, the prices of the ingredients will go up in price. If consumers stop eating my product the price of the ingredents will cost less for people to buy it, but on the other hand if the harvest of wheat is a bad one, the cost will still increase. Generally, i think my product will remain favrobable for the wider consumer.


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