Reflection on Semester 1

This first semester in grade 8 humanities, has been a really amazing one. It was a really a different humanities class then last year because we got to be more interactive and class that worked harder this semester. The things i was proud of my self in humanities is being more confident of my self and less distracted by others. What i am least proud of is my concentration but i am working on to improve in every bit of this year. This class for me was a class of learning new thing about culture, and learning about how are past was. I learned the greatest explores, how they survived in the ships and how the what type of life style they lived in and how was the world was in the 15th century. The best parts of humanities is the current events when everybody talks about the world around us, communicate and judging each others comment and bringing up new information to our minds and learn more things and sharing them with our class mates. The presenting part for me in humanities was the worst because i need to work more on how to project to the audience.

imgresLondon for me is a place where there is a lot of history and thing to encounter about humanities and see a different life style from Turkey. The first thing that i encountered humanities is going to the Natural History Museum in London. How life was few hundred years ago. The second one is going to London to see the places and sculptures of world history. Last but not least i went to the British museum and saw the artefacts and culture of different civilizations.

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