Chemistry of Rust (Oxidation)

Oxidation of iron

Rust is all around us, but we as humans never really think about it. But it turns out that this rust is a chemical process with both elements, iron (Fe) and oxygen (O), which is formed into iron oxide. Which the formula of this is rust-nails 4Fe + 3O2 → 2Fe2O3. While this reaction is occurring the iron atoms are passing electrons to the oxygen atoms, which the transfer is called oxidation. The time when Impure iron is in contact with water, strong oxidants, oxygen and acids, it rusts. When iron rusts, the oxides take more of volume than the metal this generates enormous forces which then can damage structures made with iron.


Chemical Reaction in Industries and Daily Life 

One-third of the earth mass is iron. For unprotected iron to rust it can take as little as 4-5 days. Industries that produce iron, rusting is very significant for them, because if iron did not rust when reacting to oxygen, which is something not in or hands, then the buying of iron will decrease vastly. Over the past year, as iron hrusty-pipesas been exposed to oxygen that we breath (air i), the oxygen will break down and of course oxide the iron, the creates rust. All this happens with anything that is iron, but it happens quicker in outdoor, uncontrolled weather, like car rust quickly and always does rust.


Impacts of Rust (Corrosion) to Iron

Corrosion is a destructive type of attack of a material (in our case rust) by reacting with its own environment. Consequencimgreses of the corrosion process have become a worldwide problem. Corrosion can cause plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of product, reduction in efficiency, costly maintenance and expensive overdesign. Iron is widely used around the world in building constructions and tools and other items used for appliances every day if we actually never had iron or buildings and other things that we built would never be stable enough but of course, eventually, iron rusts and those trusts make an ironThis consequence of rusting can be prevented by many things excluding air and water from the iron surface by oiling or greasing by painting or by collecting the iron with protection basically coating it off another metal.






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