Iron ore

What is Iron ore?

Iron ore is a rock from which metallic iron that can be economically extracted. It is used for construction, car production, white goods and etc…, it is a rock which is very reliable. Around 98% of the world’s ironmagnetite_rock-mineral ore production is used to make iron into a form of steel.


The issue of iron ore

To find iron ore is a really challenging process,  when each massive truck collect the Earth from the site, usually containing 60% iron ore the rest is just earth. The companies do surveys IMG_1811before hand to make sure that the said percentage is obtained because there are risks the investment can go wrong, and lose lots of money.


Before it wasn’t easy to find iron ore. The companies before we’re guessing where iron ore was, now they have super advanced technology, first they start with geologists that  have access to labs, they do a survey for the areairon_ore_mines_050115.Then they find out the consistency of rocks in the area. After, they confirm the area, the work begins,the engineers play their role of planning how to excavate the earth and give the go ahead.

The process of Iron ore

Finding iron ore is not easy, it is a rather challenging process. Iron ore is naturally found in the earth. It is collected from the earth with huge big trucks then taken to the factory. The big trucks dump the load to a dumping area.Then special earth 97f5059cedbee0555afa9626760eee27938c3e5clifters take the earth to a conveyor belt that leads to the furnace.  Iron is extracted from iron ore in a huge container called a blast furnace. Iron ore such as having hematite contains iron oxide, The oxygen must be removed from the iron oxide to leave it behind by it self.  Carbon is more reactive than iron so it  can push out or displace the iron from iron oxide. So what happens is iron oxide plus carbon makes hard iron plus carbon dioxide. The blast furnace should be at 1200 degrees celsius and separates iron ore from the earth. At the end as a finished product iron ore comes out as linear billets.

Social, economic, cultural

The social, economic, cultural and in most cases political. positives are: so long as iron ore is in demand and prices are stable countries we’ll see a major development, but on the negative side if demand is sustained, environmentally disastrous, meaning  burning more fuel which is not a good thing. Consequently the solution has lots of advantages for human development. Overall I think the positive consequences is stronger then the negative consequence because development is necessary for the human kind.



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