Reading Task

I don’t read a lot because sometimes i find it boring. But if there is a book i like i would definitely enjoy the book. I mainly like mystery book and book that make me read and cary on reading and makes me continue read. I like to read books instead on reading on websites because i like to feel the book in my hand. Strong Reading habits are reading constantly reading daily at least half an hour. I don’t think i follow strong reading habits because i don’t read every day, but right now i’m reading a mystery book and i really enjoy it┬ákeeps me reading make me develop a wide range of rich vocabulary. I think the more we grow the less we read because maybe of time and different habits such as because of being more social and being with friends. If i was a parent or teacher i would have reading days in class, but not every day only like one or two times a week. These are my thoughts about reading.

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